2nd Annual NY Funny Songs Fest Wrap Up


L to R: Performers Chemda Khalili and Myka Fox, festival host Jessica Delfino and festival producer Stefani Peikin celebrate at the opening night karaoke party (photo by Stacie Joy)

And so the NY Funny Songs Fest comes to an end. What a whirlwind weekend it was! With over 75+ comedic-slash-musical performers sharing 4 gorgeous stages, myriad classes and panels (TimeOutNY, WomenInMusic, MTV, indie record labels and more representing), 200 gift bags, 125 super sexy badges, dozens of sponsors (including live broadcasting a la SiriusXM), 10 delicious pizzas (thanks, Rocket Joe’s!), hundreds of fans, friends and attendees, visitors from as far away as Canada and Portland, Oregon, even jazzy lady toys (shout out to Babeland!) we call this funny festival a serious success. 

Please see a full list of our 2013 sponsors here, and check out a list of our 2013 producers here, and see our full list of 2013 performers here.

Wanna see some great photos from the festival by Stacie Joy? Click here. Anya Garrett also has some lovely shots from Twosomes and Threesomes here.

Wanna see the Stolen Moment of the Week from the festival by Mindy Tucker in the Huffington Post? Click here. See more fest photos by Mindy here. Check out a few more by KL Thomas here.

Please stay tuned for updates and info about NYFSF sponsored shows through out the year.

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