2013 NYFSF Schedule of Events Announced + Tickets are on SALE!

Please welcome our 2nd ANNUAL NY FUNNY SONGS FESTIVAL 2013 schedule of events.



Can you identify the funny people above? Visit our schedule of activities for the answers.

All tickets are on sale now. Please buy tickets in advance.



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THANK YOU! See you in a few weeks…!

We were in attendance of the Friar’s Club Roast of Jack Black a few weeks ago at the Hilton in NYC, and it was pretty spectacular. The star studded dais included Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, even Jerry Lewis! Roast master Bob Saget held it down as greats like Artie Lange, Jeffrey Ross and even Richard Marx (remember him?) paid their homage to wacky Jack. 

The roast was great, but have you ever had a salad with a thin layer of cheese that covered the entire plate underneath it? Fantastic. As you can see, our sight lines weren’t the closest ever, but to be in the room was magical enough. 

Performers in photos, l to r: Sarah Silverman, Amadeo Fusca, winner of the “So You Think You Can Roast” challenge, Jack Black finished every quip with “Roasted!” just like Michael’s roast scene in The Office episode that Jack Black was weirdly briefly featured in, the view from our table, Bob Saget, Gene Simmons, Amy Schumer and a comedian who sat at our table, Jim Norton and Jessica Delfino.

Want to see Jack Black at the NY Funny Songs Fest? Tell him via Twitter! @JackBlack42. Don’t forget to tag #NYFSF.

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Jersey City Comedy Festival

Jersey City Comedy Festival

Remember those terrific 70s style public service announcements such as Woodsy Owl, Cigarette Mash and the crying indian guy? Well, NY Funny Songs Festival has decided it’s time to address our own issue via PSA. Click the video to see the extended version and if you love it, which we know you will, please share, like, tweet, pinterest and internet the hell out of it. Thank you.

Want to contribute to the festival or learn more about it? You can do that here. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Even $5, $10 or any dollars will be very much appreciated.

Via your contribution, you can do things like get tickets or festival passes in advance, secure a guaranteed gift bag or even nab a brand new soprano ukulele. What are you waiting for? Here’s that link again.

Line up and more details to be revealed May 3. Check back often for more details.

2nd Annual NYFSF now accepting tax deductible donations


Need a tax break? Got some money burning a hole in your pocket? Just ready to help support one of the coolest and, um, one of the only comedy music festivals, like, ever? Give a little, give a lot, just give! Money will go towards a huge headliner who will knock your socks off, press them and return them to you in a way better condition than when they were when you had them knocked off. You can donate here.

OK, want us to make it so easy for you? Just buy a ticket to the opening night party for a hot, simple $10.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, ukuleles, guitars, slide whistles, autoharps, singing saws, theremins, freestyle raps and more!

Check back on Monday to see our awesome comedy music video featuring a whole slew of awesome local comedy music gems including Rob Cantrell, Mark Douglas, Carla Rhodes, Ben Lerman and so many more…

Gearing up for 2013 Fest: Big Announcements

Commercial in the works

Today, nearly a baker’s dozen NYFSFers spent their afternoon at NextLabs Studios working on a commercial to get the word out about the festival. Lots of local stars of the scene were on hand, including Carla Rhodes, Ben Lerman, Mark Douglas, Jen Kwok, Mindy Raf, Carolyn Castiglia, Rob Cantrell, Mel + El and more. 

See some photos below. 

Important announcement: FESTIVAL DATE CHANGE

The NY Funny Songs Festival‘s 2013 dates have been changed to Thurs, May 30-Sun, June 2. Please make a note of it in your palm pilot, iPatch, sun dial or what have you, but still, definitely BE THERE.


Are you a comedy musician? Well, don’t just sit there nodding your head, join the community! Find us on Facebook at the Comedian Musician’s Coalition. And submit your work to the NY Funny Songs Festival, HERE. If you’ve already submitted, sit tight! We’ll be with you soon.


Videographer Nick C. doing important video computer magic stuff


Mel + El, nailin’ it


Is Jessica Delfino wearing a wig? Nope, that’s her real mane


The gang’s all here and they’re ready to rock


Jen Kwok isn’t even wearing any make up, she always looks that good


Carla Rhodes and her scary little man friend Cecil Sinclair



His name is Ben Lerman, he plays the ukulele — USUALLY

Check back soon to see the video!

NY Funny Songs Fest mentioned on the Dr. Demento Show


Very exciting news! NY Funny Songs Fest was mentioned by Mr. Funny Songs himself, THE one and only Dr. Demento! He mentioned the festival on his show, and we got wind of it when it aired on RichRusso.net. Thanks, Dr. D + Rich Russo!

Here is the set list from the show, which also featured songs by Devo Spice, Steve Martin and so many novelty gems galore…

We’re actually in the works, trying to get Dr. Demento into the 2013 NYFSF. So let’s all cross our fingers, pray to Vishnu (or insert your god/dess here), wish on a star, wear our lucky amulet or what have you and we’ll keep you posted…

Holiday Songs Contest: Seeking your funny, festive songs

Christmas songs contest: Send your original holiday themed songs! Tweet links to @NYFunnySongs or email to nyfunnysongs at gmail dot com by 12/31. Original songs about drunk Uncles, holiday in-flight chaos, Krampus and fruit cake, including other festive topics A-ok. Parodies or covers of holiday songs are a solid thumbs up.

Prizes include:

— Free pro studio recording time
— A free video recording session at a pro film studio in NYC
— Free photo session with a pro photographer
— Free publicity campaign, including exposure on several popular NYC based websites, Twitter and Facebook blasts of your song

Don’t wait, send in songs now!

Gals of NYFSF on Playboy Radio / SiriusXM


Wow! That’s right, you read correctly. Playboy Radio has invited a few of the ladies of NYFSF to come on down to Sirius SXM 102 and dish / wax / yap / chat / jam sexy poetic. So listen in THIS THURSDAY! Check back in for more info and we’ll keep you posted on the deets…

In other news, we’re still seeking submissions, so apply here if you haven’t done so yet, do so now! You can also click here for more details.

APPLICATION: http://bit.ly/REZN0o